Sick and tired of dating the old way? Use a butt plug

There is no rulebook that tells you how to make a date a memorable one. The accepted versions of an ideal date keep changing. The current generation is fast in everything. They are impatient to try and wait till achieving a stability in the relationship. So they love to experiment and try out new things every single time.

Even the most boring dates can instantly be made interesting if you wish to make it so. The conventional love and romance might appear a little boring to some. The younger generation, in particular, is always on the lookout for doing fun stuff with their dates.

Choosing pleasure toys has become a simple task these days. There was a time when pleasure toys were hard to come by. You had to hunt for a store that sells them. And the assortment was also pretty limited. But now to meet the changing demands there are numerous pleasure toys released every day. And the internet has changed the way people buy pleasure toys. Whether you are looking to read about a new toy in the market or whether you plan to buy one you can do it without stepping out of the house. So if you want to discreetly buy a butt plug for yourself that is now a very simple thing to do. There are various online sites that sell these and they can be conveniently delivered to your doorstep.

Innovation in design

Why settle for the normal when you can add some bling the next time you are doing it. is a place where you would find the most interesting collection. There are jeweled ones with imitation gemstones as well. To add a touch of sophistication the next time and surprise your date in a cool way.…

Being chaste but still having fun

Chastity is something very important for both men and women and especially for those unmarried. This is considered to be one of the major qualities or attributes in a woman’s life. Generally, this word chastity is closely discussed and expected from a woman but this is also an attribute of a man. Yes, chastity is important and essential for a man too to lead a healthy and happy life. Before anything else lets first get to know what this chastity means and what is it all about.

Chase chastity

The very simple meaning of chastity is being loyal and lawful to a woman in a relationship staying refrained from extramarital affairs. In other words, staying away from sexual intercourse with any woman other than the one who has legally entered a person`s life. This is something to be followed for many especially in case of men. Of course, this is not illegal but they should know and stay within the limits. A man can be chaste and at the same time have fun. This is very much possible when he knows where to put a full stop. This might be a little difficult for many and it is just a small, thin line that when breached would snatch away a person`s chastity. But if a man is able to stay within this line and realize the fact that he needs to be pure and a virgin, he would definitely be able to do this. It is just the willpower and the confidence in oneself that would refrain people from anything forbidden, be it anything for that matter.

Now with the internet making people`s life brighter, there is a lot of information available on this worldwide net and you can get some awesome fun ideas at lock the cock to stay chaste at the same time have some fun.


A Beginner’s Guide to Butt Plugs

Our butts are important and something that is overlooked. These let our body function properly and also give comfortable padding. But very few know that these also give you pleasure that is incomparable.

Love plugs are common these days but have you ever heard about butt plugs? These are sex toys plugged in the anal. These offer intense pleasure only when you know how to use them to give you ultimate pleasure.

There are butt plugs available in various sizes since one size does not fit all. The desire that you get for anal pleasure does not belong to what gender you are or on your sexuality. It just means that you are an adult who wants to enjoy some anal play and are open about that. The sex toys are made keeping in mind the anatomy and it does not take into account sexuality or your gender.

If you are a beginner then you need to keep in mind three important things when using sex toys. It is the material, the size, and the lube. Obviously, no one plays without using a lube. Size is important and this is true about the butt plugs as well. Not just the length but also the girth of the toy is crucial to consider.

Also, make sure that when you are spending your money on a sex toy the product that you are purchasing is durable and also made of waterproof and hygienic material. You are to use the toy into an unhygienic part of your body and thus the toy should be porous. Also make sure that until you are using a disposable sex toy, the toy is submersible and completely washable.

Some toys are made using materials that lets the bacteria enter into it.This means that the moulds can actually reside inside the toy forever even after you have cleaned the toy completely. sure that the material that you select is not TPR, PVC or jelly.


Fun First Date Ideas

First dates are always a pressure filled ones because you never know how and what it would be like because it`s going to be your first formal meeting with your probable life partner and you are tensed mainly because you do not want to make it a flop show.

  • Dinner – dinner is the usual first date choice that every man would want to take their woman for and this is probably the best option wherein you get to spend sometime over food and take time in understanding each other. You also get to know each other`s choices and preferences.
  • Coffee shop – another common option chosen by people for their first awesome date. This is one place where you get to have some privacy and some coffee shops are designed and arranged to give this privacy and the me time to you with your partner disturbing you for nothing unless and otherwise there is a call from your side.
  • A casual meeting – you can also pick to meet your partner at a cooking or a painting class casually and who knows that might turn upto be your best first date too. Dates need not be necessarily in a place that would give you your space and time with your partner and not all would want or like this. It is in fact enjoyed and experienced better at places like this too wherein both the girl and the boy get to move around freely and without restrictions which is actually a better way of having your first date. Of course you might become a little stingy and reserved with your partner when it is a date but this open date might be fun too.

Coupled with this exciting meet try surprising your lady-like with a gift, bargain necklaces for your girlfriend, take her around places etc……

Don’t Pinch Pennies On Your Wedding Celebrations

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they want to get to know someone more intimately and in depth. That is when you want to date that someone special.

So, what exactly comprises dating? It differs from person to person but in a broad sense when you wish to do a whole lot of things together and just the two of you, one can safely assume that you guys are dating.

During those long moments of discovery, you will reach a stage where you want to take the relationship to the next level and get married. This is the best part of the package; it is immensely exciting to plan one’s wedding – the decorators, the caterers, the wedding gown, the cake and the memories. Do not scrimp on anything because you are creating memories that you will cherish long after the wedding cake has been eaten and the gifts put away.

Do not restrict yourselves to just photo sessions but engage a good wedding videographer to capture the special moments for posterity. My wedding videographer was the best; even today when I look back on that eventful day I relive the emotions and the sheer joy one experiences when one is united with a soulmate for ever and ever.

Watching your wedding videos can be a great pastime, especially with your kids when they are young; they always feel they have been there with you on that special occasion.

There are several wedding videography packages that you can browse through before you narrow down on any single individual. Normally, these packages involve not only the videos but also photos. it a point to read reviews and get the opinion of friends and family who have used their services on the quality of videography. Find a videographer who syncs with your idea of a perfect picture – Hollywood style with full side effects and editing or more realistic and rustic.…

What To Speak On Your First Date

Nervous about your first date. It’s obvious. a first date is something that one remembers all their life. It is really important to do all those things that are going to make your first date a memorable one and you will smile every time you think about all that the two of you did and also what you spoke about and how you got to know each other better.  Here are some first date questions to help you break the ice and make you feel more comfortable with each other.

  1. You have a great smile. You should smile more often. What are things that usually make you laugh and smile?
  2. What is your favorite cuisine?
  3. What is your idea of a great weekend?
  4. Would you like to go to the seaside or to the mountains on your dream vacation?
  5. Are you ambitious in life? What is your ultimate goal?
  6. What qualities do you admire in people that make you want to be friends with them?
  7. Do you like boys with a sense of humor or do you like the intellectual kinds more?
  8. What are your favorite memories of your childhood?
  9. What was your favorite toy?
  10. Are you comfortable with me?
  11. What are your biggest fears in life?
  12. What is the quality that people like most about you?
  13. What is the best thing you like to do when you are with your favorite people?
  14. Do you have more names than one? I mean do you have a nick -name
  15. Who is your most favorite person in the world and why?

Asking questions like this which are going to make your girlfriend at ease especially on the first date is really going to have a great impact on her.…