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Being chaste but still having fun

Chastity is something very important for both men and women and especially for those unmarried. This is considered to be one of the major qualities or attributes in a woman’s life. Generally, this word chastity is closely discussed and expected from a woman but this is also an attribute of a man. Yes, chastity is important and essential for a man too to lead a healthy and happy life. Before anything else lets first get to know what this chastity means and what is it all about.

Chase chastity

The very simple meaning of chastity is being loyal and lawful to a woman in a relationship staying refrained from extramarital affairs. In other words, staying away from sexual intercourse with any woman other than the one who has legally entered a person`s life. This is something to be followed for many especially in case of men. Of course, this is not illegal but they should know and stay within the limits. A man can be chaste and at the same time have fun. This is very much possible when he knows where to put a full stop. This might be a little difficult for many and it is just a small, thin line that when breached would snatch away a person`s chastity. But if a man is able to stay within this line and realize the fact that he needs to be pure and a virgin, he would definitely be able to do this. It is just the willpower and the confidence in oneself that would refrain people from anything forbidden, be it anything for that matter.

Now with the internet making people`s life brighter, there is a lot of information available on this worldwide net and you can get some awesome fun ideas at lock the cock to stay chaste at the same time have some fun.


A Beginner’s Guide to Butt Plugs

Our butts are important and something that is overlooked. These let our body function properly and also give comfortable padding. But very few know that these also give you pleasure that is incomparable.

Love plugs are common these days but have you ever heard about butt plugs? These are sex toys plugged in the anal. These offer intense pleasure only when you know how to use them to give you ultimate pleasure.

There are butt plugs available in various sizes since one size does not fit all. The desire that you get for anal pleasure does not belong to what gender you are or on your sexuality. It just means that you are an adult who wants to enjoy some anal play and are open about that. The sex toys are made keeping in mind the anatomy and it does not take into account sexuality or your gender.

If you are a beginner then you need to keep in mind three important things when using sex toys. It is the material, the size, and the lube. Obviously, no one plays without using a lube. Size is important and this is true about the butt plugs as well. Not just the length but also the girth of the toy is crucial to consider.

Also, make sure that when you are spending your money on a sex toy the product that you are purchasing is durable and also made of waterproof and hygienic material. You are to use the toy into an unhygienic part of your body and thus the toy should be porous. Also make sure that until you are using a disposable sex toy, the toy is submersible and completely washable.

Some toys are made using materials that lets the bacteria enter into it.This means that the moulds can actually reside inside the toy forever even after you have cleaned the toy completely. sure that the material that you select is not TPR, PVC or jelly.